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Wife begs a judge to turn off ex-soldier’s life support machine

‘Please let my husband die’: Wife begs a judge to turn off ex-soldier’s life support machine a year after he suffered severe brain injury in motorbike

A judge has been asked to decide whether doctors should stop providing life-support treatment to a soldier-turned-policeman who was left in a coma after a motorcycle accident.

Gulf War veteran Paul Briggs, 43, suffered a severe brain injury in a crash while serving with Merseyside Police in July 2015.

His wife Lindsey wants his life-sustaining treatment to stop but doctors disagree.

Mr Justice Charles is expected to make a ruling after a hearing in the Court of Protection – where judges consider issues relating to people who lack the mental capacity to take decisions – in the near future.

Many people genuinely believe that a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is something that can be left until we get older or when the circumstances arise.

Unfortunately life can be unkind, and should an accident happen or illness takes place, an LPA could make life much easier at a difficult time.

So, what happens if you do not have an LPA in place and the worst should happen? As in the case of Paul Briggs, his wife now has to apply to court to be granted permission to make such decisions. This will not only take months to be resolved but will also cost in excess of £5000.

There are two types of LPA.

Lasting Power of Attorney for financial decisions can be used when someone still has mental capacity. The attorney can make decisions on matters such as:

• Buying, selling and making repairs to property

• Paying the mortgage and bills

• Investing money

Lasting Power of Attorney for health and care decisions can be used when someone loses capacity. In this instance the attorney can make decisions on:

• Where you should live

• Your medical care and what you should eat

• What activities you should take part in

Ensuring the right person is in place when the need arises is vital for your peace of mind. More importantly, it is a peace of mind for your family who will have to go through the turmoil of getting help at a time when life should be made easier for them.

It is a harrowing experience for the family when a person who has become unexpectedly incapacitated, and they are left helpless. The family wont be able to disagree with medical decisions taken by doctors. Further, the family maybe left in financial difficulties as bank accounts are frozen.

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