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Why your children may not inherit what it says in your Will!

What goes hand in hand with your financial advice that your client will be indebted to you for arranging for them?

Estate Planning! – Your clients will forever be grateful that not only have you sorted out their long term financial plan but you also helped them ensure that their assets are protected when the they pass from this world.

There are so many different facets to Estate Planning that clients just have not thought about.

Why would your clients want to invest and save all their lives (with your help) and then have 40% of it to go into inheritance tax and the rest of it divided amongst people they didn’t intend to.

Let me tell you of a horror story. Mr. Thrifty married to Mrs. Thrifty hopes that one day his only child, Lucy will inherit his £1m home. You have advised them to get a mirror Will that they obtained from the Internet.

However, Mr. Thrifty dies a year later in an accident. The home transfers to Mrs. Thrifty who marries her tennis coach, Mr. Opportunity a year later. They have two children. She makes a new will, leaving everything to her children.

Unfortunately they divorce ten years later, and Mr. Opportunity receives half the value of the house (£500,000) in the divorce settlement. Mrs. Thrifty dies in shock and the rest of the estate is divided amongst the three children. Lucy receives £166,000.

This is not what Mr. Thrifty had intended when he was setting out his long-term financial plan with you.

And the moral of this story is…

If there is a lesson to be learned from the above tale, it is this:

  • It is a good investment to obtain sound Estate Planning advice.

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